December 7, 2022

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Travel Alternatives During the Recession

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Travel Alternatives During the Recession

Travel Alternatives : Traveling is a great way to move beyond your daily boundaries and experience the world, whether that be a few hours away or half way across the globe. The only problem, of course, is a bit of money is required. In the current recessionary period, watching every dollar makes sense and means rethinking travel plans.

Many people simply assume that traveling costs a lot of money. This is only true to the extent you go for the easiest arrangements. Remember, if it is listed in a guidebook, you are going to pay a premium for it whether it be a room, restaurant, tour or whatever. If you are willing to rough it and play things by ear, you can still travel without blowing the bank.

The first thing to keep in mind is the tourism industry is hurting – big time. This means prices are way down and customer service is way up. Don’t assume something is to expensive for you. From flights to hotel rooms, prices are down a staggering amount and trip packages are ridiculously cheap for many areas.

Ah, but what if flying somewhere is simply to expensive for your budget? Well, there is some good news in this recession. As you have undoubtedly noticed, the price of gas has collapsed as demand has dried up. Americans are driving billions of miles less than they did last year. Yes, billions. This means fuel is cheap, so doing a road trip can be a budget friendly idea. Renting or borrowing a RV or campervan can be an even better idea as you’ll save money on lodging.

If you really want to get away from home on the cheap, the best suggestion I have for you is camping. The National Park system in the United States is excellent. You can drive to the park nearest you and camp out for a week. You can fish, hike and rock climb during the days and just relax in the evenings. The cost? You’ll need a few hundred bucks in supplies and some gas money. If you don’t have a tent and sleeping bags, just borrow them. Camping is low key, cheap and a lot of fun, which makes it popular with kids and parents alike.

There is no getting around the fact that the economy is a mess at the moment. It is a stressful time. Sometimes, just getting away for the weekend can make a world of difference, so why not jump in the car and head off for a week of camping? If you can swing it financially, check out a package deal to somewhere exotic. Most vacation destinations are hurting for business, which means your dollar can go a very long way. | Newsphere by AF themes.