September 30, 2022

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Must Try! Here are The Best Authentic Restaurants in Singapore!

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Singapore is one of the world’s best cities to live in. Why is it stated so? It is because of its diversity. You can get anything from any place in the world in this modern and authentic city. One of the best things you can get is the food because Singapore brings you many notable restaurants and dining places with its authenticity.

If you will try the food, just go to the country by yourself or with your traveling partner. Because there are a bunch of restaurants that will give enjoyment to your taste bud, don’t forget to stay a night and book your hotel at Traveloka hotels that will recommend you the best hotels in Singapore. So, you can explore as much food as you can for the rest of the holiday with no worry to get your best culinary experiences.

Here are the best authentic restaurant recommendations with their best food worth trying, let’s check this out!

  1. Candlenut

As the world’s first and only, Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant, Candlenut is a must visit restaurant in Singapore. With the food that is worth trying, you will get the best Peranakan taste in your tongue.

You will taste Candlenut’s warm and comforting food from the signature food, Candlenut’s Buah Keluak Fried Rice, Chef Mum’s Chicken Curry, Blue Swimmer Crab Curry, and the King Tiger Prawn Gula Melaka that you won’t find in the other places with the same taste.

If you are confused and new to experiencing Peranakan food, just go for their lunch or dinner package starting for $78 per pax.

  1. Mott 32

Beside the Peranakan food, you can get yourself other food than that. Mott 32 will give you a more progressive Chinese cuisine to enjoy.

Dining at Mott 32 is described as luxurious yet enjoyable because of their Chinese-style decoration, from the chairs, table, and art. It will give you the authenticity of Chinese cuisine alongside the food itself.

The signature dish from the restaurant is their iconic applewood roasted duck that marinated for over 48 hours. A little bit pricey, but you can go for a perfect family dinner in this place with its authenticity.

  1. Cicheti

Fall in love with Italian food? Singapore has one of the restaurants that sell authentic Italian food. Cicheti, the restaurant only serves solid Italian-inspired culinary, but in more a way of Singaporean favorites.

You can get your Italian food such as pasta, pizza and other food from Sicilia. If you are new one to Italian cuisine, go for small plates like the Zuppa di Cozze e N’duja that is specially made from this restaurant. But, wanting to feel more authenticity, just go for their tagliatelle and stracciatella from the hand of the chef itself.

  1. Basque Kitchen by Aitor

From the name itself, you can get beautiful food from a beautiful place in the world, Basque. The restaurant will give you the authenticity of Basque cuisine to your enjoyment.

The food is grilled over hot coals and stews are rustic and hearty that will give your mouth full of taste. The Michelin-starred restaurant also brings you one of the best menu truffle croquetas that you can enjoy in bites.

For maximum enjoyment, Basque Kitchen gives you a look of the riverside at the scenic Fullerton Waterboat House.

So, what are you waiting for? Just come to Singapore and enjoy the authentic restaurants you can get.

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