November 29, 2022

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Motoring News – Life in the Fast Lane is Slowing Down

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Motoring News - Life in the Fast Lane is Slowing Down

Motoring News : Anger is beginning to rise as the cost of petrol accelerates at an alarming speed, with wholesale and tax prices being blamed for “pump prices heading for yet another all-time high”, according to the Independent website. has reported that “fuel economy is on many RVers minds”, especially with a Class A motorhome getting only 7mpg. The Class C Dodge Sprinter chassis addresses this problem, and can do as much as 20mpg overall, according to Dodge.

Angry motorists have slammed on the breaks as a result of petrol prices escalating, with experts warning fuel costs will continue to rocket to record highs of £1.25 per litre by the end of 2010. The sudden increase according to Chairman of RMI, Brian Madderson, might be down to an increase in the price of oil which could add as much as another 5p per litre at the pump.

Spokesman for the AA, Luke Bosdet warned that “driver’s budgets were already stretched to the limit and any price hikes in 2010 were likely to be devastating”. This is bad news for motorhome owners who spend a long time at the pumps, filling their mobile homes up. They could be there for the same length of time but for a much higher cost if prices continue to rise.

Putting pedal to the metal will be a thing of the past if prices keep rising as they are, with people slowing down in a bid to preserve fuel. This may be good news for police patrolling the motorways looking for speeding motorists, but bad news for people who have far to travel, with their journey taking even longer plodding along in the slow lane.

According to the Independent website “petrolheads may be squealing as pump prices approach an all-time high, but drivers of diesels are sitting pretty”. Diesel vehicle owners may have splashed out on average around £1,000 extra on upfront costs, but with the 20% greater fuel efficiency owners are hoping to recoup the initial costs.

The motoring industry suffered after the January VAT increase, resulting in a 2.5% rise. To further add to the misery for motorists, fuel duty is set to rise on April 1st by inflation plus 1p. This is more bad news for drivers around the UK who are planning to motor their home around the country this summer.

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