November 29, 2022

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Lawndale As an Alternative to Redondo Beach

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Redondo Beach

While Redondo Beach remains one of the most sought after attractions of Southern California, there are still some other lesser known places that are a treat to the avid traveler. A number of alternatives to Redondo Beach exist. Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach are two of the most well known alternatives to Redondo. Together, these three cities are affectionately called the “beach cities” of the South Bay area. In addition, Lawndale is a viable alternative to live as well since it is close to Redondo Beach.

Hermosa beach is located to the North of Redondo Beach and towards the South of the Manhattan Beach. The sands at Hermosa beach are perfectly suited for sunbathing and just chilling around. The beach is primarily flat in nature and is great for surf-boarding, beach volleyball and paddleboarding as well. Hermosa Beach’s main attraction is The Strand, which is a paved path that runs from Redondo and cuts across Hermosa’s beach and ends up in a plaza. This plaza is known as the Hermosa Beach Pier- which also happens to be the biggest center of food, fun and frolic in the region. The Pier is also home to some of the most well known beach celebrities of the US and thus, is a sought after attraction.

Hermosa Beach’s lifestyle is a pretty standard beach lifestyle. Surfing, roller skating, beach volleyball and sunbathing are the key elements of the lifestyle here. On a typical afternoon, you will come across a number of people- on skateboards, foot, bicycle and strollers- just chilling around and enjoying the laid back atmosphere. For the avid adventure lover, Hermosa Beach offers great waves for surfing and other water adventure sports. The best thing about surfing at Hermosa Beach is that the waves are neither too large, nor too small- thus providing an optimal level of difficulty for beginners as well as experienced surfers. Apart from surfing, beach volleyball is another important aspect of Hermosa’s lifestyle. Having been referred to as the Beach Volleyball capital of the World, Hermosa definitely stands up to its reputation.

Like Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach is also one of the three Beach Cities of the South Bay area. The Manhattan Beach is a commuting distance from Los Angeles and thus, is a relatively upmarket beach area. In fact, the Manhattan Beach is one of the most expensive beach areas to live at, in America, according to a survey carried out by the Fortune Magazine. The Manhattan Beach is divided into several neighborhoods. Some of these include Manhattan Heights, North Manhattan Beach, East Manhattan Beach and the Liberty Village amongst others. All these districts have a taste of their own, with only one thing in common- realty prices in this region are amongst the highest in America.

So, there you have it- for all those looking for alternatives to Redondo Beach, you better be heading towards Lawndale, Hermosa or Manhattan Beaches. | Newsphere by AF themes.