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How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelorette Party

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bachelorette party

If your best friend is getting married, then you might have been asked to stand by her side on the big day as her maid of honor. Being asked to play such an important role in a friend’s wedding is both a huge compliment as well as a big task.

In addition to supporting the bride-to-be throughout the often stressful and hectic process of planning the wedding, you will also be responsible for a few key things yourself. If the bride wants to have a wedding shower, you will need to plan that. You will also need to give a speech at the reception and assist her with odd jobs and tasks in the lead-up to the big day.

The thing that most maids of honor look forward to the most, however, is the planning of the bachelorette party. This is an event before the wedding where you and the other special girls in the bride’s life get to celebrate her and give her single life the sendoff it deserves.

There are many components of the bachelorette party that you will need to take into consideration in order to make it perfect. Here are just a few tips that can help you to plan the ultimate bachelorette party for your girl so that she can have one last hurrah with her ladies before she becomes a Mrs.

Location is Everything

The first thing that you will need to figure out for the bachelorette party is where it is going to take place. Some brides prefer a no-fuss affair and will be happy with a night out in their hometown. Others are hoping for a bit of a getaway so that they can escape the stress of planning the wedding for a day or two in a different location.

Make sure that you consult the bride on this point. While there will be aspects of the party that you might want to keep as a surprise for her, the location shouldn’t really be one of them. By knowing what location she would prefer for her bachelorette party, you can settle on a date and itinerary for the event.

For instance, if she has always dreamed of a Vegas weekend for her bachelorette party, you can spend some time researching things to do in Las Vegas. Then, you can perfectly tailor your plans based on where you are going to be having the party.

Settle the Guest List

Another aspect of planning the bachelorette party that can get a little out of hand if you aren’t careful is the guest list. This is another point that you will need the bride’s input on. There might very well be people she would rather not have at the party and some who are essential attendees in her mind.

Set aside some time to sit down with her and narrow down the guest list. Make sure to get all relevant contact information from the bride so that you can handle this part of planning the party without having to constantly refer back to her. | Newsphere by AF themes.