November 29, 2022

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How to Choose the Right Beach For You

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Right Beach For You

Most people love a day at the beach. There’s something about the sun glistening on the aqua water that has a very alluring effect. The ever-present breeze offers an oasis of comfort from hot, humid temperatures. The sound of waves breaking along the shoreline, with their rhythmic cadence, cause even the most uptight to relax. Breathing the fresh, salty air makes you want to fill your lungs to their full capacity.

There are several types of beaches in which to go, located in many different coastal areas of our country. Depending on your location and your interests, choosing the right beach for you is a fun-filled task. Let’s focus on the beaches in Florida. Since the state of Florida is actually a peninsula, three of its four sides are on the coast. In almost all parts of Florida, there is a beach within an hour or so away.

Among one of the different factors in choosing the right beach for you is the location. Is it within easy driving distance? Is traffic too heavy and too hectic which makes the beach-going experience not fun? Is lack of parking an issue? If so, you may opt to drive to a more isolated area. That way, even though it may be a farther distance away, you can unwind and begin your relaxing experience on the way. Often, the quieter areas of the beach also have ample parking which is absolutely free.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly beach, steer clear of the beaches with tiki bars. It’s also a good idea to find an area away from the hustle and bustle of beachfront shops, which seem to cater to spring breakers. Children can play in the vast sandy area, building sand castles and burying their feet in the sand. Playing tag with siblings along the waterfront, with the water lapping at their ankles is a favorite activity. Wading thigh-deep often creates a challenge for little ones to stay on their feet, as the coming and going wave activity can knock them off-balance. The wider the stretch of sandy beach, the better for families with young children. Cocoa Beach, Manasota Key Beach, and Mexico Beach are all very family-friendly.

If you’re a Spring-break vacationer looking for a lot of activity, the type of beach you would be interested in would be located among the many “beach cities”. Shopping, dining, bars, and hotel accommodations are within an easy walk. Beachfront sporting activities you may want to include are sand volleyball courts, Sea Doo rentals, and parasailing. Fort Myers Beach, Panama City Beach, and Daytona Beach are excellent choices for the more active beach-goers.

The retired snowbirds also enjoy the beach experience. Finding a beach that is easy to walk is of the utmost importance. An area which has some shade is also beneficial for those who need to get out of the direct sunlight for a while. Beach activities of finding sea shells and shark’s teeth as well as fishing appeal to those in this age group. Beaches with a fishing pier within easy walking distance are a bonus for these folks. Sanibel Beach, Lover’s Key Beach, and Barefoot Beach are wonderful easy-access beaches.

Finding the right beach for you can be a very enjoyable task. Simply keep in mind what you are looking for in the beach, its activity level, and its amenities. Visit several until you find what meets your needs. The experience is fulfilling; the challenge is easy; the memories are priceless. After all, as the bumper sticker states: “Life’s a Beach”. | Newsphere by AF themes.