November 29, 2022

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Heritage in fashion: a trip around Europe

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Europe today is more than a continent, it is an entire idea, made of pieces of heritage, culture and history, picked up from each and every country in its composition. Heritage is reflected in every aspect of life, from food to art, but especially when it comes to fashion. Many modern clothing pieces are inspired from tradition and adapted to the current trends.

But how are European national heritages showcased in modern fashion and how can you get to know more about each culture? Take a short trip around Europe with us and learn about the Irish Aran sweater, Spanish flamenco dress and Romanian “ie”.


1. The authentic Aran sweater from Ireland

A piece of culture that has been transposed into fashion styles over the centuries, the Irish Aran sweater – or fisherman’s sweater, originated in the Aran Islands in Connemara, off the west coast of Ireland. They were originally knit in the natural colors of sheep’s wool by the mothers or sisters of islander men to keep them warm. The art of knitwear evolved into superb knit patterns, inspired mostly by the fishermen’s nets and symbolizing warding off bad luck.

This piece of fashion is a statement in winter outfits and very popular among Europeans! You don’t want to miss out on the incredible warmth, softness, and elegance of Aran sweaters. Their versatility makes them perfect for any style or outfit and can be accessorized to look both classic and modern. Of course, when it comes to purchasing, the best choice is to pick a wool sweater from Irish manufacturers.


2. The Spanish flamenco dresses

When you visit Spain you’ll see that the locals dress in a very modern manner, do not expect to see many flamenco dresses worn for coffee dates or walks to the grocery store, but these traditional pieces of clothing are still present for special occasions. Of course, every region of Spain has its own traditional clothing and Spanish dresses, which you can catch a glimpse of during regional celebrations and parades.

Despite that, many modern fashion designers got inspired by the Spanish and created beautiful pieces that resemble and are based on the traditional design. From wedding dresses to red-carpet outfits to casual, boho-combined style dresses, the design is present and blossoms. Such a dress is perfect for those of Spanish roots or anyone who desires to learn and cherish the culture. We recommend purchasing these pieces directly from Spanish x or designers who collaborate with authentic Spanish crafters.

3. Romanian national blouse – the “ie”

One of the most important pieces of folklore, the Romanian blouse is called “ie”. Still worn for celebrations, national holidays or folk events, this blouse has wide sleeves and traditional motifs in vivid colors. For Romanians, folk embroidery is a form of art and when it comes to their “ie” creativity is expressed in a beautiful manner, but each region of Romania has its own unique style of ie.

This piece drew the attention of many fashion designers nowadays and gained a lot of international popularity. From Yves Saint Laurent to Tom Ford, the Romanian blouse was present in fashion collections over the past years. This way, the ie became a highly fashionable item to wear, with a long history and holding a deep form of heritage. Either purchased from big name fashion houses that give credit to Romanian folklore or national designers who craft these blouses from scratch, it is a great choice for ending your” heritage in fashion” trip around Europe! | Newsphere by AF themes.