November 29, 2022

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With the Right Type of Credit Card Issue, Air Travel Flights Are Yours

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Travel Flights Are Yours

With the Right Type of Credit Card Issue, Air Travel Flights Are Yours

What is the best way to collect frequent flyer miles? Does anyone out there actually know how to play the system and manage to do it better than us amateurs? Yes, here. And when they want to travel, flights just appear. Here’s what you need to know to do the same.

The frequent flyer miles you earn as a sign-up bonus are a collection of miles that are very important to you. Some credit card companies will actually offer you 80,000 miles to sign up. And to encourage you to spend more using their card, they will give you thousands of miles more if you will reach a certain level of spend. That’s a good way to start. But that’s not enough if you really want to travel; free flights and lots of them, requires a little more imagination.

It used to be that people who actually worked with the system would sign up for a credit card only for the miles they earned as a signup bonus, and close their accounts as soon as they got what they wanted. They will then sign up for the same card again. The card companies though already know what these guys are doing and they don’t let you play it again and again.

But they only care if you sign up for the same card over and over again. Any major bank today, offers dozens of credit cards, with many offering the same type of sign-up bonus. You can still do this practice, only with a different credit card brand from the same bank. Just watch your frequent flyer miles go up.

This is a very sneaky type of technique that you need the guts to do. So ask yourself – what do you need to do once you have a credit card and you get a signup bonus? What do you need to do to earn more miles? You need to buy stuff, spend thousands of dollars on your credit card. Now you really can’t do that, can you? Yes, you can, if all you do is buy money.

Maybe you’re telling yourself that you don’t really understand – how do you buy money? You see, the US Mint sells dollar coins. It’s kind of a warning. But you can spend those dollar coins, because they are real money. All you need to do is use your credit card to order thousands of dollars worth of coins from the US Mint.

If you buy $5000 worth of coins with your credit card, it counts as $5000 worth of purchases as far as your credit card is concerned. And you earn frequent flyer miles for that. US Mint sends you coins for free. You just turn around and put all the money in your bank. You really don’t know anything, but you just earned thousands of frequent flyer miles. How’s that for a system game for free travel? Flights anywhere are free for you. | Newsphere by AF themes.