May 28, 2023

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Activities in Marbella That Will Keep Boredom Away

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When you buy an apartment for sale in Marbella, it’s difficult to get bored as there are so many things to do. The bustling Andalusian town offers chic clubs, quaint ancient alleys and stores, expansive shopping malls, and sandy beaches that keep boring times away.

One of the ways to beat the boredom is to visit the whitewashed, terracotta-roofed homes that date back to the Renaissance. Most are covered in bougainvillaea, enhancing the area’s floral beauty.

A tiny formal garden surrounded by orange trees serves as the seating space in Plaza de Los Naranjos, where the houses are all placed on corridor-like streets that lead to the plaza.

You can take walks along Alameda Park, which is close to the marina in Marbella. This wide pedestrian route is lined with palm palms, neatly kept hedges, and outstanding works of public art.

Salvador Dal, a 20th-century surrealist, created the bronze statues, so you might easily spend a few minutes admiring them, possibly from one of the beaches along the road.

The walkway is also lined with shops and bars, and if you’re visiting the park by car, there is a convenient parking lot below the esplanade that provides easy access to the city’s old town and beaches.

Another fun place to visit is the magnificent Renaissance and baroque church constructed in the middle of the 18th century is the primary historical landmark in Marbella.

Even before construction was finished, this former mosque was declared holy and transformed into a Christian house of worship.

The interior’s floor plan was altered to resemble a basilica, with three naves and lavish rococo décor from the 18th century.

There’s also something for history buffs as the only museum in Spain devoted to engraving is tucked away along a side street in Marbella’sMarbella’s historic district.

The museum, a Moorish-style palace erected in the 16th century for the naval commander Alonso de Bazán and left to the city as a poor people’s hospital, is an integral aspect of Marbella’s history.

About 4,000 engravings, etchings, aquatints, lithographs, and other graphic design work by some of Spain’s most renowned artists are included in the collection.

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