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7 Tips for Going on Vacation to Malang

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7 Tips for Going

7 Tips for Going: Malang is one of the largest cities in East Java. Apart from Surabaya, this city is often a tourist destination for domestic and international tourists. Malang City has a long historical story. This city was originally the center of the Kanjuruhan and Singosari kingdoms. Besides being famous for its history, the panoramic beauty of Malang is the main attraction of this city.

7 Tips for Going on Vacation to Malang

“Malang City is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia and the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya. Malang City is known as the city of students, or many also call it the city of flowers,” said a statement on the official website of Malang City. Since the Dutch colonial era, the city of Malang has been very popular for its fresh air and is known as a cold area. The scenery of the area has been known since ancient times to be very beautiful.

Malang City is also known for its cool air. It’s no wonder that this city is visited by many travelers who do Travel Surabaya Malang activities. One of the charms of the city of Malang is the cluster of mountains that stand majestically, such as Mount Bromo, Semeru and conservation forest areas. Along with its development, this city continues to improve and improve the quality of tourism. It is not surprising then that Malang Tour Packages began to develop to pamper travelers. 7 Tips for Going on Vacation to Malang.

7 Tips for Going on Vacation to Malang

So, what should be prepared if you go on vacation to Malang? Check out the following tips.

1. Order travel tickets in advance

Vacationing in the city of Malang is one of the interesting moments. This big city offers a variety of stunning tourist attractions ranging from nature tourism, marine tourism, culinary to historical tourism. In terms of costs, a vacation to Malang is said to be more economical. This is another factor that makes many tourists choose to take a trip to this city which is adjacent to Mojokerto. Even though it has many conveniences, you still need to make preparations if you want to vacation in this city.

Namely by ordering travel tickets in advance. Especially if you come from outside the city of Malang which is so far away. There are several transportation alternatives that can take you to Malang. These include buses, trains and planes. Ordering tickets in advance will provide convenience, namely prices that are much more affordable than the price of travel tickets ordered in the near future on the day of departure.

2. Define a clear itinerary

Impromptu and spontaneous holidays are fun. However, if you are not used to this kind of vacation, you should not try it. Because, taking an impromptu vacation requires more self-preparation to deal with unexpected things later. We recommend that you plan your vacation carefully in order to have fun holiday moments. You need a clear itinerary. Before you book tickets, make sure you have a clear picture of what kind of vacation you want.

Gather as much information as you need about the tourist destinations you want to go to. Arrange the schedule and priority scale for your vacation in Malang later. Or, create a simple route whose goal is to make it easier to explore tourist sites in Malang. Itineraries like this will also provide an overview of expenses for transportation as well as other costs such as entrance tickets to tourist attractions.

3. Avoid the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the season when the prices for travel tickets, hotels and tourist tickets will go up followed by food prices at tourist spots which will also be high. So, avoid going in the holiday season when the number of visitors increases rapidly compared to normal days. This holiday season generally occurs during weekends, school holidays and year-end holidays which are slightly longer. On the other hand, the situation in tourist spots must be congested. Your space for movement is limited. Instead of having your vacation disturbed by these things, it’s better to find a date other than the holiday season.

4.Select Homestays

There are various alternative places to stay that you can choose while in Malang. Such as capsule room lodging to five-star hotels that offer complete facilities and a super comfortable atmosphere. But, if you want to be more economical, a homestay is a more appropriate choice. In Malang there are many homestays that offer comfortable rooms. In terms of price, homestays are also more economical. Make a reservation before you leave. You can take advantage of various hotel booking sites or applications to get homestays at low rental prices. Book hotels in advance so you don’t run out of room supplies.

5. Motorcycle Rental

Transportation is one of the crucial things when on vacation in the city of people. As tourists who don’t understand routes, we often get dizzy with public transportation options that can take you to your destination. If your travel route has several points, it would be better if you rent a motorbike compared to taking a vehicle. This is a wise choice to reduce transportation costs which are likely to increase. Renting a motorbike is much more economical than having to take public transportation. With a motorbike, you can go anywhere you want without spending more money. You only need to spend money on fuel for the vehicle.

6. Prepare Thick Clothes

Malang has temperatures that tend to be cool and cold. This is because it is influenced by its geographical location which is in the highlands. Then, it is surrounded by mountains and a conservation forest area. Tourists who are used to living in cities with hot weather might be surprised by this drastic change in temperature. So, you have to prepare provisions in the form of thick clothes that can withstand cold air. Then, also bring other equipment such as head coverings, scarves or gloves and thick socks. If you intend to visit natural attractions such as mountains and hills, you should use thick clothing, jackets and appropriate footwear.

7. Culinary

Culinary in Malang is very diverse. There are cheap ones to expensive ones. The important thing is you know your own taste. Almost all culinary delights in Malang offer a different taste compared to other cities. Exploring the culinary delights of Malang is not enough for just one or two days. So, to be more efficient you should plan your trip well. Because there are many tourist sites and a variety of very interesting culinary delights, it would be a shame if you miss them. 7 Tips for Going on Vacation to Malang | Newsphere by AF themes.