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10 Healthiest Frozen Meals That You Can Easily Microwave

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If we could have our way, we’d meal prep every Sunday, make three-program gourmet dinners each individual night, and in no way eat consider out.

But with our busy schedules comprehensive of work stress, associations, and so numerous binge-worthy Netflix exhibits, which is just not real looking. Often, you will need a swift frozen food to throw in the microwave and get on with your day.

The good thing is, there are now tons of solutions for nutritious frozen meals that aren’t heading to mess up your full meal prepare.

If you’re on the hunt for balanced frozen foods that really don’t have a lot of included sugars, saturated fat, and excessive empty calories, you’re in luck.

We have rounded up our beloved healthier microwave meals you can select up at your area grocery shop, so you can spend even fewer time getting ready tonight’s food!

Be encouraged, nonetheless, that some of these meals are higher in sodium, so retain an eye on how a lot sodium you take in in your other meals.

1. Hen Burrito Bowl

chicken burrito bowl | healthy microwave meals

With 370 energy per food, this yummy hen burrito bowl with brown rice, quinoa, black beans, and corn is dressed with a zesty chipotle sauce that’s certainly delish!

It has 22 grams of protein and no extra sugars, making it a well balanced and nutritious meal.

Get it at Trader Joe’s.

2. Tattooed Chef Vegan Buddha Bowl

Tattooed Chef Vegan Buddha Bowl | healthy microwave meals

Clocking in at 320 calories, this frozen vegan Buddha bowl characteristics sweet potatoes and chickpeas around cauliflower rice with tahini sauce.

You’ll also get 10 grams of protein devoid of any added sugars.

If you want to double up on protein (ideally shoot for at minimum 20 grams of protein for each food), toss in some plant-centered tempeh or go for chicken, turkey, eggs, shrimp or other meat choices if that suits your lifestyle.

Get it at Target.

3. Cuban Type Citrus Garlic Bowl

citrus garlic bowl | healthy microwave meals

This Cuban-fashion citrus garlic bowl has so significantly flavor, you’ll want it for each individual meal!

Each bowl has 400 energy and 16 grams of protein that arrives from super juicy hen thighs and black beans, topped with a zesty garlic sauce. Yum!

Get it at Trader Joe’s.

4. Non-Dairy Bean & Rice Burrito

amys burrito | healthy microwave meals

Amy’s frozen burritos are the fantastic on-the-go microwavable food — fantastic for maintaining at the business fridge or for lazy Sundays.

It consists of 310 energy and 10 grams of protein, which we recommend more fortifying with a facet of veggies.

They’ll not only insert extra strong nutrients, but also hold you experience satiated.

Get it at Amy’s.

5. Rooster Biryani With Basmati Rice

saffron road chicken biryani | healthy microwave meals

With 18 grams of protein, no added sugar, and only 1 gram of saturated fat for each serving, this is a tasty microwavable consider on a standard Indian dish.

Consider incorporating veggies to bulk up your meal although also adding a little bit of colour and significant phytonutrients.

Get it from Saffron Highway.

6. Vegan Pasta Bolognese Bowl

trader joes vegan bolognese | healthy microwave meals

Pasta is our appreciate language. But this vegan pasta bolognese with 13 grams of fiber, 30 grams of protein, and no included sugars is our soulmate!

It is made with crimson lentil pasta for added fiber and diet and textured wheat protein in location of classic red meat.

Get it at Trader Joe’s.

7. Caulipower Frozen Pizza Margherita

Caulipower Frozen Pizza Margherita | healthy microwave meals

In a natural way gluten-free and absolutely delightful, this much healthier frozen pizza sports activities a cauliflower crust.

With 350 calories, 12 grams of protein, and just 1 gram of included sugar, you can last but not least delight in your frozen pizza night without having emotion bloated the upcoming day!

Just be aware that the serving measurement is fifty percent the pizza, not the full pie.


8. Natural Chickpea Coconut Curry with Kale

urban remedy chickpea curry | healthy microwave meals

This dairy free of charge, gluten free, vegan, and organic and natural frozen supper has 13 grams of protein, 470 calories, and tons of flavor!

It is a excellent resource of potassium and iron, but sad to say there’s rather a bit of sodium (60 % of a day’s worth), so just take that into account when performing your over-all meal scheduling for the day.

Get it at Urban Remedy or Whole Food items.

9. Coconut Curry

saffron road coconut curry | healthy microwave meals

Microwavable and ready in just a single minute, this coconut curry has these scrumptious Indian flavors we really like without the bloat.

To boost the protein information and shave off some sodium, we advise feeding on half of the pouch together with your most loved protein like grilled rooster, fish, or tofu.

Get it at Saffron Highway.

10. Shepherd’s Pie

blakes shepherds pie | healthy microwave meals

With 320 calories, no additional sugar, and 15 grams of protein, this healthier shepherd’s pie is made with natural and organic corn, natural and organic mashed potatoes, and antibiotic-no cost beef.

It’s comfort food stuff that can bring your waistline convenience, as very well.

Get it at Blake’s.

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